How To Find The Best Aerial Photographer For Your Needs

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by Martin Hurley     |     Aerial Photography      |     12 min read

Looking to find the best aerial photographer you can?

Makes sense, right?

We all want a proficient drone pilot flying for us and keeping our shots level.

But with all the elements we have in Australia - super hot days, super cold days, crazy windy days, storms, rain clouds, and sometimes a few seasons in one day - it can be challenging.

So how to get it right?

There's no easy answer to this.

It's usually a case of asking friends or colleagues if they know of a drone pilot or RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) pilot...

Checking the CASA website is an idea too.

That's because all drone pilots who fly commercially must have their RPA and CASA registration.

There's some variables with the rules but generally that's the case.

You might also go onto Facebook or Google and look for aerial photography near me or something like that.

This is how I would do it...

Go to Google and search for something like this:

  1. Aerial photography near me
  2. Aerial photography services Victoria (or your region)
  3. Aerial imagery Bendigo (or your area)

Something like that should find you an answer.

Of course as you're likely reading this keep in mind that if you're anywhere in Victoria, areas of South Australia and southern New South Wales then I can come and fly for you!

Finding A Drone Pilot

aerial photography near me
Aerial photography near me

You also might want to look for a drone or aerial photographer too.

The thing is, the whole aerial imagery, videography and  drone scene is a kind of new phenomena.

It's actually a whole new industry.

Now that companies out there (like DJI) have created consumer drones (like the Mavic Air 2 which is what I fly), it's suddenly allowed photographers to morph into aerial photographers.

And really, all it takes is quite a lot of practise.

And lots of flying hours!

aerial photography services
Harvesting wheat aerial photography Victoria

To be honest, it's kind of scary to fly a drone commercially.

I know that probably sounds silly, but when you think about it, I'm coming from a more creative background...

My main focus has always been the art side, "painting from the sky" and aerial stock photography.

But anyhow...

The Best Aerial Photographer?

All aerial photographers have a certain skill level.

Any of us can actually purchase an excellent Mavic drone or similar and suddenly be snapping images of everything below.

We can call ourselves a pilot too.

So being the "best" at something is kind of relative to everything else out there.

The question really should be...

What type of images do you really need? (And how can aerial photography help you out?)

  • Agriculture images
  • Landscapes
  • Urban, city living
  • Highways and expressways
  • Patterns, colours, art
  • Beach and ocean scenery
  • Nature and environment
  • Commission based work

You get the idea!

For me  I tend to focus on agriculture images plus an emphasis on art, eco sustainability (solar farms etc), and colours and patterns of nature.

Probably a bit weird but that's just my thing.

Some aerial photographers will just be happy to photograph anything and everything, and that's easy accomplished too.

(The newest Mavic drones allow you to be any type of creative image maker, photographer or videographer you want to be!)

So I hope that helped you out.

Give us a tingle if we can help you out!





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