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aerial photography services

Looking for aerial photography services in central Victoria and beyond? We're happy to help. We spend a lot of time playing with DJI Mavic drones to “paint from the sky” and capture magical aerial images and video from above.

It’s only in the last few years that aerial photography has become so much easier. You’d once need a helicopter for that task (with a photographer on board) which can cost an arm and a leg - not any more!

You can do it now with a small compact drone at a fraction of the cost. We can fly our little “bird” as far as the eye can see and 120 metres or so in height.

We can capture landscapes, amazing panoramas which are stitched together automatically (mind-blowing!), building construction, real estate, land patterns, and are open for commissions as well.

We can check fence lines, cattle, solar panels, and way more.

aerial photography services

A friend once told me they had a certain number of solar panels on their house roof and was adamant he was correct. I sent the bird up for some ‘birds eye’ intel, and then showed him he had a few more panels than he realised!

Took all of 30 minutes or so. Emailed him the high resolution images so he could confirm. No helicopters needed!

Of course for all our aerial photography services we have the required CASA RPA Operator Accreditation as well as being registered with CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) as well of course.

Here's our aerial photography pricing but please note that if you need aerial photography services in an emergency, difficulties or hardship then get in touch with us anyway as we’ll come along and help you out gratis.

Here's some of our aerial photography examples.

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Emergency work SMS Martin on 0421-655-464.

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