Looking For Aerial Photography Services with a Wow Factor?

Looking for aerial and drone photography services in Melbourne or central Victoria? We're happy to help. We spend a lot of time playing with aerial drones to capture magical aerial images and video from above.

As you probably know - it's only in the last few years that aerial photography has become so much easier.

Once you'd need a helicopter (and a photographer) which would cost an arm and a leg - but not any more!

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The wow-wee factor

Now you can capture magical angles and a whole new perspective with a small aerial 'camera in the sky' at a fraction of the cost of using a helicopter!

We offer:

  • Drone photography Melbourne and regional Victoria
  • Aerial drone photography and aerial videography
  • Drone photos as needed (farming / agriculture etc)
  • Based in Australia: have passport, can travel!

Our drone services are 'quick to setup and easy to get to location' as it's just one guy with a trusty Mavic Air 2! 🙂

The Mavic Air 2 captures super high resolution images (8000 x 6000 px) as well as aerial video at 4K.

With superb definition you'll be amazed at what things look like from a bird's eye view!

An aerial videography pro?

Have a look at my aerial photography showcase here.

What sort of drone services do you require?

Our drone services can offer...

  • Agriculture / farming land
  • Aerial photography for real estate projects
  • Checking for guttering, roofs and solar panels
  • Homes and gardens / commercial properties

We capture aerial imagery and aerial video with our small compact drone at a fraction of the cost of other tools.

Our little “bird” can fly as far as the eye can see and 120 metres or so in height.

Affordable and professional drone photography

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We capture landscapes, amazing panoramas (stitched together automatically & mind-blowing!), construction, real estate, land patterns, and are open for commissions as well.

We can check fence lines, cattle, sheep, solar panels, and way more.

A friend once was adamant they had a certain number of solar panels on their house roof.

So we sent the bird up for some ‘birds eye' intel, then it dawned on him that he had a few more panels than he realised!

Took all of 30 minutes or so. Flicked him high resolution images so he could confirm. No helicopters needed! 🙂

Clients we have worked with

For all our drone photography services we have the required CASA RPA Operator Accreditation as well as being registered with CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) as well.

Here's our aerial photography pricing.

Note: If you need aerial and drone photography services in an emergency, difficulties or hardship then get in touch with us - we'll help you out.

Currently we have done projects with:

  • Winter's Flat School in Castlemaine Victoria
  • Maharishi School Reservoir Melbourne Australia
  • Individual home owners and house builders in regional Victoria
  • Alamy stock photos (as an independent stock photographer)

Aerial photography for real estate

aerial photography victoria

Some of our aerial photography examples are on this page.

For drone photography Melbourne and regional Victoria contact us here.

Emergency work SMS Martin on 0421-655-464.

Why use drone photography?

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Using a drone photography company can be a great way to save money for small businesses, farmers, home owners and so forth.

Drone photography can also help business owners and farmers save money by helping them find leaks in their drains, pipelines, and irrigation systems.

Drones can also help owners and farmers monitor their crops and livestock, which can help them spot problems early and prevent losses.

Utilising drones is a cost effective way to survey your property from the air.

Aerial photography can help you to quickly and easily assess your property for potential issues, as well as get an overview of your land that can be helpful in developing a plan for its use.

Drones offer farmers and land owners a safe, convenient way to survey their property and make decisions about how to best use their land.

Aerial videography

There are many advantages to using expert drone pilots for your next videography project.

Perhaps the most important is safety. Expert drone pilots know how to fly their drones safely and in compliance with all relevant regulations.

They also have the experience and expertise to get the best footage possible, regardless of weather conditions or other challenges.

Finally, using an expert drone pilot leaves you the time and hassle of having to learn how to operate a drone yourself!

Flying safely

expert drone operators

When it comes to aerial imagery and drone videography, safety is paramount. Expert drone pilots have the skills and experience to fly their drones safely and in compliance with all relevant regulations.

This ensures that your project will be completed without any accidents or incidents.

In addition to safety, expert drone operators also have the expertise to get the best footage possible.

They know how to fly in all kinds of weather conditions and can overcome other challenges that might arise. This means that you'll get high-quality footage that meets your expectations.

How are drones used in aerial photography?

Using an expert drone operator saves you the time and hassle of having to learn how to operate a drone yourself.

This can be a significant advantage if you're short on time or don't have the inclination to learn how to fly a drone.

Overall, there are many advantages to using expert drone operators for your next videography project. Safety, expertise, and convenience, to name a few!

But how are drones used in aerial photography?

Simplest answer: you send it up into the sky and it uses a high resolution camera to capture nearby highways and property - only kidding! (But something like that!)

Do you do real estate photography?

We do aerial drone photos for real estate and can check the roofs, solar panels, guttering (etc) for retail or commercial space as needed.

Drone photography courses

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We will have a list of drone photography courses and aerial photography prints coming soon!

Drone photography overview

  • CASA certified
  • See my recent work
  • Always happy providing ongoing drone photography!
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What time of day is best for aerial drone photography?

The golden hour is best.

That's that golden light you get around dawn or evening, depending where you are!

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